Overflowis a 2D animated short film where we follow snippets of the daily life of Nour, a woman in her mid 20s, who builds up stress by suppressing emotions and overperforming both in work and in private life.

Overflow is my graduation film in collaboration wit Jasmine Wijnsouw. In this project I was the art director, I was in change of the style, character design and background design. 


Anansi is a teaser trailer for a teenage triller series. 

About a African spider trickster God from west african and carribian folklore, who terrorized the town by secretly draining it of it’s lifeforce, under the disguise of being the towns elder. 

In which the 4 teenagers, Akwesi, Ebo, Yaa and Ami have to  save the town.

This show focuses on friends, memories, en culture. 


This trailer was made as a Willem de Kooning collaboration project under students with Ming Slotijn als Director, Elodie Hermsen as producer, Vincent kreeft as background artist, Luna Al Hussein as character designer and prop artist, en Jasmine Wijnsouw and Radu Sloican as lead animators. All members of the team were part of the animation crew. 

My personal goal for this pitch was to make a ingaging series for teenagers that could be a representation of west African cultural aspects.



Tasfiq is a collection of small animations that I made to illustrate different fases going trough life and growing into yourself.

Is the first character that has multiple faces and is it's design based on a horse carousel/merry go round. All the characters are going to be based on a amusment park/circus.